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Am I Big Enough To Save The Planet?

By Conscious Owl | Conscious Leadership

Feb 27
fearless enough

The earth does not belong to man, man belongs to the earth.

All things are connected like the blood that unites us all.

Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it.

Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.

Chief Seattle

Have you ever felt that if you hear one more newscast on climate change and global warming, you are going to scream? If you see one more program around an act of terrorism as an act of God from some radical paramilitary organization, you are going to shut off your TV forever?

You are just one little man or woman with enough problems of your own to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool. What can you possibly do about the Big Picture?​

You Are “The Chosen One”

You may just happen to be Neo being interviewed by Morph in The Matrix. Morph has called you out from all humanity to be initiated into the mysteries about the way it really is. He is kind enough to offer you the blue pill, or the red pill.

big enough to contribute

If you take the blue pill, you can go on deluding yourself forever. You can go back to life as “usual.” If you take the red pill, you will never see things again in quite the same way. You are flattered that Morph chose you from all the other mortals. Morph confidently assures you that YOU ARE THE ONE. Since you find your current life a bit monotonous, you opt for the red pill.

Suddenly, much like when Eve plucked the Golden Apple of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, you realize that YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE. There is nowhere to go, since everything you see and everyone you meet is YOU. The only problem is that almost no one will believe you, unless they also bite into the Golden Apple.​

From Individualized Self to Universal Self

We are on the verge of the great turning point in history that the prophetic archaeologist / theologian, Pierre de Chardin dubbed The Omega Point. The whole world is about to become conscious of itself, not as world, but as consciousness, itself.

Until now, until the red pill, there was you against the world. Your “skin-encapsulated ego” formed the boundary of who you are, and everyone else lies outside of you as possible competitors. You learned the game of survival, and you learned it well.

Now it dawns on you what a glorious delusion it all was, being a separate self. What a perfect posture to play victim! How can you be responsible for anything? Did you in any way choose to be born? As the philosopher Jose Ortega y Gasset put it, “Life is fired at us point blank.”

The New Paradigm: A Crisis in Perception

Back in 1990, the avant-garde physicist, Dr. Fritjof Capra, author of the best-selling, The Tao of Physics, released an eye-opening film that could serve as media guide to world revolution: MindWalk.

In the movie, while walking around the gorgeous French island, Mont Saint Michel, a German physicist reveals that we are living in “a crisis of perception.” We just don’t see things the way they are.

MindWalk reveals that both “reality” and “life” are defined by interrelationship. Relationship, itself, lies at the heart of existence. Everything is a pattern within infinite being and consciousness.

Matter is merely a play on form, and life is an intricate web that can’t be understood until you step back and see the whole.

President Clinton just happened to see that film, and called Dr. Capra in to spend a day at the White House. Shortly, he announced “The New Paradigm” as the theme of his first administration.

A paradigm is simply a model for the way it is. When experimental facts no longer accord with previous beliefs, a whole new model emerges to explain the expanded picture.​

From Evolution to Revolution

Many leading New Age thinkers, such as Barbara Marx Hubbard, insist that we are co-evolving, and are about to undergo an evolutionary leap. The problem is that “evolution” is far too slow to help us much in the face of melting ice sheets in Antarctica, and rising ocean levels around the planet.

Revolution is much more appropriate for what needs to happen. Revolution implies sudden and rapid change, where those who were on top, are now on the bottom, and those who are on the bottom, are now on top. We can undergo a worldwide revolution in less than a decade.​

If you have read and digested the news in the last couple years, you may recall that both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump ran on a platform of revolution. Neither candidate shrunk from openly using that term. Neither of them were interested in politics as usual. One of them won. President Trump is wholly committed to massive change. The only question is what wisdom shall guide his efforts.​

From Revolution to Revelation

When we look at the revolution that will make an ultimate difference, it is not simply putting more money in the pockets of a shrinking middle class. The only revolution that will have the impact necessary to save the planet is a revolution in consciousness. You might think of it as a revelation.

personal revelation

Revelation may be seen as a sudden insight into an underlying design that you could never before discern. It has all the force of being “the Word of God.” When you hear it, you know it’s true, because it resonates within your innermost being.

While Christianity established ideas of divine love and that we could be sons and daughters of God, it never officially took those ideas to their ultimate conclusion, WE ARE LOVE, and WE ARE INHERENTLY DIVINE. Our individualized self lets us play in the game. Yet the game, itself, is all about us individually and collectively awakening to our Universal Self.​

Transformation as Possibility: The Future Is Today

Werner Erhard, back in the 1970’s, defined transformation as a shift in consciousness, from identifying that which is NOT Self, to that which IS Self. You are the Source of ALL your experience, including other people, the world, the Cosmos, even God. God within you is truly the light of the world.

Werner’s work went on in the Landmark Forum to show that human beings were gifted with the ability to live from possibility, and that possibility lived in language. When you declare WHO YOU ARE, while standing upon nothing, you allow that which you say to come into being.

The future is unborn. For example, I declare Absolute Unity, Absolute Love and Absolute Perfection. I hold that this is the way it all ultimately is.​

Most of us most of the time live from our past, from our unexamined beliefs and assumptions. We are reasonable about everything.​

We take our perceptions, judgments, decisions and conclusion at face value. We take them as binding, never bothering to question them.

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Thus, we drain all the magic out of life!

From Caterpillar to Butterfly

When you look at how a caterpillar sprouts wings and becomes a butterfly, you find out that the form of the caterpillar has to die to appearances, and become a living entity far more glorious than its previous identity.

identity transformation

The “imaginal” cells overcome the cells that keep on insisting it is still a caterpillar until what finally emerges is a glorious insect that can flutter about anyway she chooses. At that moment, she knows herself only as a butterfly.

In the same way, you may be Neo, knowing yourself only as a problematic character in a very ordinary life, even if you are a computer hacker. To meet a Morph is truly a life-changing experience. Not too many people walk around telling you that you are God. Jesus Christ did a long time ago, but He paid the ultimate price for being so daring.

You are more than just the strand of humanity in the web of life. You are both the strand and the web. You are life, itself. Yes, you have the power within you to save the planet, because the planet, itself, is an extension of your being. The planet, and all the stars with it, spin within the context of your Universal Self.

Why not, in the coming week, share with someone new, each day, this revolution, revelation and transformation? Why don’t you let them in on the secret in a most gracious way, much like Neo?

You can now see our global crisis as the greatest opportunity of your incarnation. You can show the world who YOU REALLY ARE, while awakening all of us in the process.


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