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Mar 14

Easy Self Healing Techniques For Every Purpose

By Conscious Owl | Spiritual Methods

Today, let’s talk about self-healing techniques that you could take and implement immediately. First, you always need to remember that you are never truly alone. Your Higher SELF, Whom and What we call “God,” is always with you, and can be called upon at a moment’s notice. All healing begins within.

Even with a finely-tuned medical team offering prescriptions and surgical procedures, the healing still happens from the inside out. All external aides merely facilitate the healing, accomplished by a vital life force. The body is not really a machine, but a living organism, a finely-tuned instrument that lets you express yourself and navigate through the world, YOUR world. The saying, “The Kingdom of God is within you…” is literally true.

The relationship between you and your body will help you heal yourself. For a bit deeper explanation, I would recommend watching the video below.​

Taiwanese and Chinese Self Healing Methods

When you find yourself sick or injured in some way, it is always advisable to reach out to friends, family, health professionals and spiritual practitioners of every faith and tradition. They are here to serve you, and you can grant them the privilege.

Often, it is harder to receive than it is to give to others. However, we often find ourselves in circumstances where we are truly alone, where we have few companions and are relatively isolated, whether institutionalized or at home. In these situations, you must fall back on your own inner resources to facilitate the healing process. The body wants to heal itself, and has immune cells dedicated to that purpose. We often make it hard on the body by eating poorly, sleeping irregularly and exercising little, if at all.

It helps to take responsibility for your condition, not as a matter of guilt, shame or blame, but rather, that this is happening within your experience, and you are somehow the source of it. You can start by simply being willing to recognize your role in bringing all this all about.

If it is an injury by someone else, whether accidental or on purpose, this may be initially difficult to recognize. That is OK. It is a matter of simply having an open mind and an open heart. Blaming others is counter-productive. What has happened has happened, and there is nothing you can do about it. At this point, the focus should be placed on healing (not what caused it…).

It often works best to turn to Our Source for help, much like a little child.​

self healing technique

While that Source (God) is our only true and ultimate SELF, it works wonders to have a second-person relationship with Him / Her. If you simply accept the premise that God loves you, it is natural that God would want what is best for you. God need not be addressed with fancy language, but more as your dad, your mom, your buddy, your best friend.

The simpler the request, the better. “Heal me.” It is often necessary to invoke that Sacred Presence by whatever name or identity truly resonates with you. For Christians, it is usually “Jesus Christ” or “Mother Mary.” It helps to actually visualize that Person. Repeatedly calling and talking with that Presence is powerful beyond words. With repetition will come faith.

Natural Self Healing Starting Now

You can discover simple techniques to heal your body, your mind, your emotions and your spirit. They don’t “fix” you, per se. They work with you to bring about a profound state of well being, that we call “health,” including love, joy and peace and a vibrancy that makes life a wonder and a delight.


• Take a gentle walk.

• Savor the beauty of nature, of creation, itself.

• Do simple yoga postures (or asanas).

•​ Do Tai Chi or Xi Gong movements.​

• Tenderly massage your feet and hands with cream and ointment.

​• Soak your body in healing salts.

​• Eat whole, fresh foods and beverages.

• Sleep a little longer, taking naps when possible.​


• Start a “Thank You” list, such as recommended in the movie, The Secret.

• Read inspiring literature, sacred and otherwise.

• Watch warm-hearted movies, including romantic and funny films.

•​ Bless people, and watch the blessing return to you.

• Pray for others who might be ill.

​• Look at the Big Picture in life, if you are so inclined.


• Listen to soft, soothing music, especially artists and tunes that make you feel loved and right at home.

• Read or watch powerful, transformative stories, such as the Gospel, or lives of great masters, such as Gandhi.

• Read stories of actual miracles, such as may be found in Mary Baker Eddy’s “Science and Health.”

•​ Thank God for healing you, even ahead of the result.

• Think with gratitude of who matters most to you, whether family, friends or a lover.

​• Get in touch with your purpose in life, such as may be found in Richard Bolles’ What Color Is Your Parachute.


• Realize that you are whole, complete and perfect just as you are.

• Realize that nothing happens by chance, and you are here for a divine purpose.

• Forgive everyone in your life for everything, no matter how recent or how long ago.

•​ Recognize the miracle of life, the remarkable gift that it is.

• Open up and let go of your attachment to how things should turn out.

​• Consider the possibility that you are on a divine mission, which cannot be thwarted.

• Open up to the Truth, to the ABSOLUTE UNITY, LOVE AND PERFECTION that we call “God.”​

Spiritual Healing In A Nutshell

All of these techniques are by suggestion only, depending upon your physical, mental and emotional condition. You are advised to consult a health practitioner your deeply trust, whether your family medical doctor, specialist, or integrative therapist.

It is possible to arrive at an inner knowing as to what you need to be doing.

It starts by being in the present as much as possible. With closed eyes, you can call forth your Sacred Self, and ask It to speak to you. You can ask It questions and simply wait for the universe to answer.

You will be surprised when a distinct impression forms, an inner voice filled with love and great clarity. You will be given guidance around the desired outcome and what is the best way to handle your circumstances.

Visit this page for more specifics on spiritual healing methods.

If you keep communing with your Inner Self, often identified with a Person, such as Christ, you will receive remarkable direction and guidance. I have experienced this innumerable times to the point where the inner conversation is immediate and spontaneous. The accuracy of this “knowledge” will truly amaze you.​

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