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surgery prayer
Mar 24

Prayer For Surgery: Transformation Beyond Words

By Conscious Owl | Healing Prayers

What to do when that unpleasant and unexpected moment finally comes… Let it be for you, your family or a good friend… we all get somewhat disturbed by such event. A deep prayer for surgery can always come to the rescue.

We are ultimately never alone, and guidance from Infinite Intelligence is available in any situation for the asking. As we grow in awareness and understanding that God is Love, we can more and more easily reach out to Him when confronted with challenges. We discuss this in more detail here.

Facing the possibility of surgery is one of the more sobering moments of our life. We can appear healthy one day, and suddenly contract a serious illness the next.

We live in a global culture that relies on the conventional medical attitude of “ill to the pill,” and “fix” the disease or injury by cutting unwanted tissue or parts away. We go to the doctor for help, and he or she writes out a prescription to be filled by a pharmacy.

If the situation is serious enough, he or she will refer us to surgery to “fix” it. This response comes from an obsolete, but persistent view of the universe as one giant machine, rather than one vast thought. Physicists assure us of the latter, but we reflexively assume the former.​

Is Surgery Your Last Option?

When it comes to a recommendation of surgery, we should question it, and gather as much evidence as possible before making a decision. If you review the literature, you will see millions of documented cases of miracles, including major healings, even restoring bones or wounded eyes. Sometimes the healings occur in advance of scheduled operations, such as cases of cancer, where the patient goes to the operation, and the physicians can’t find the cancerous tissue.

Medical technology is advancing faster and faster, and illnesses can now be treated on a cellular level. Personalized medicine, based upon mapping the human genome is becoming available. The vital role of preventive nutrition is increasingly recognized.

Holistic, integrative medicine, drawing on a vast toolset of healing therapies and modalities drawn from cultures around the world is becoming mainstream. More and more, insurance companies are actually covering therapies that were originally questioned, such as chiropractic or homeopathy.

Even in conventional medicine, more and more physicians are tuning into complementary therapies that can assist the surgical outcome, such as visualization of the reduction and elimination of cancerous cells. Mind / Body medicine, pioneered by medical doctors, such as Deepak Chopra and Andrew Weil, are appearing less and less radical, and more a part of standard medicine.

When you face a true emergency that is life threatening, such as bullet wounds or a car accident, conventional, Western medicine is very effective… the best in the world. Surgery procedures often include the use of lasers that can cut with the utmost precision. American hospitals and clinics are strong on acute care, but weak on chronic illnesses.

The U.S. ranking in health has fallen down to the 40’s against other nations. More people die in childbirth in Washington D.C. than many emerging economies.​

surgery and recovery prayer

Prayer For Healing, Surgery and Beyond

When you look at prayer in relation to possible surgery, you look at before, during and after the operation. Some people have weeks to prepare; others almost no time at all.

Prayer is really a form of communion with the Creator of the Universe, the Source of our Being, our only True and Ultimate Self. While some traditions, such as Islam, require kneeling and prostration, using memorized, recited or chanted words, this is not always necessary.

Simple, powerful prayers that seemed to come directly from His heart exemplified the Life of Jesus Christ. Jesus’s teaching went against the notion that we needed to impress God in any way, or bribe Him with favors.

Jesus taught that God is our Father, who wants to give us the best in any situation. A close examination of the gospel accounts will show that God is seen as all forgiving, that He is not really keeping points. Jesus declared that the Father makes the rain fall on the “just” and the “unjust” alike.

The Apostle Paul urged the early Christians to pray without ceasing, to simply talk to God. The custom emerged to ask God in Jesus’s name, because Jesus of Nazareth on the cross revealed a love that was infinite and eternal.

The whole point of life is eventually seen to be in total communion with both Creator and Creation.

When we face the possibility of surgery, we can ask God for total clarity on the matter, as well as inner direction on which course of action would be most appropriate.

We can also reach out to others and ask them to pray for us. Group prayer, and persistent prayer, day after day, week after week, is extremely powerful. We can’t really put a limit on what it will accomplish. I have called up Silent Unity out of Unity Village (1-800-NOW-PRAY) Missouri time and again, and the various issues have cleared up without exception. They put your name on a prayer sheet, and you are prayed for 30 days in a row. This service is without charge, although they accept charitable donations.

I have undergone two major surgeries so far, with both going well. Each time, I ended up becoming much more inwardly directed and more spiritually minded. I came to see that we are all totally in the hands of God, and we live only as long as He pleases.

This (video below) prayer before any surgery can be your initial guide:​

Our life is a precious gift. We are divine and will always be with him. I don’t believe death is the end, but the beginning. I am amazed at stories I hear around near-death experiences where people are totally caught up in the power of divine love as they experience leaving their bodies.

The key is to connect to that love and divinity on the deepest level and let it guide you (let it be through prayer or your actions). Connect with It – trust It – and flow with It.

Prayer For You or Someone Going Into Surgery

Here is a sample prayer. However, I would urge you to use your own words. Simply speak to God.

“Great Physician and Lord of Love, guide me through this operation. I am now completely in Your hands. I know that You are with me right now and will never leave me. Bless all the physicians, attendants and nurses here, who are totally committed to healing me. Guide their every thought, word and deed to bring me back to perfect health. May I recover rapidly and be even stronger than before. I thank you for your continuous presence in this very situation. May I share Your love with them and grow through this into an ever deepening appreciation of your glory.”

Faith is ultimately about surrendering to the Divine Presence within us, that fills the entire Universe. As we let go and open up, we are free to truly live. We simply need keep our eyes on the Source of Life, the Great I AM.

Care to learn more about spiritual healing prayers?​

guided meditation for healing yourself
Mar 23

Guided Meditation For Healing While Getting To Know Yourself

By Conscious Owl | Healing Meditation

We have many ways to meditate, from watching a candle burn to chanting a sacred hymn to closing our eyes and concentrating on a mantra to progressively relaxing our body lying down with our eyes closed. For the visually minded, a guided meditation for healing where someone else is conducting the meditation is appealing, whether with closed eyes, or by watching a visual light show with soft, soothing music.

It is also possible to prepare your own guided meditation by writing down affirmative lines around healing and getting well, and then dictating them with as much emotion as you can onto a recording device, such as your smart phone, playing the lines back whenever you choose to close your eyes and relax.

If you prefer that others lead the meditation, you have many options on YouTube, including the beautiful pieces that Dr. Deepak Chopra and Oprah Winfrey have put together. On the Internet, you will find meditations given from different spiritual traditions in different voices, male and female. You can simply take your pick.

You’ll find a channel on YouTube, called ‘Body Mind Zone’ that continually rolls out new meditations, some as much as eight hours long, with gorgeous visuals of nature and exquisite music.​

Guided Meditation For Sleep

For example, if you have a hard time falling asleep because you have too much on your mind, here is a wonderful meditation track that will put you to sleep and hopefully, keep you there (only until your brain is rested, of course…).

You might even think of this as a form of hypnosis, putting you into a positive trance. The recorded voice makes positive suggestions, leading you into a deep state of relaxation, and then having you envision yourself, healthy, well and vibrantly alive.

You will want, of course, to make certain that you can trust the source, whoever it may be. This is all the more so if you purchase subliminal recordings where the suggestions are masked so as to be inaudible to the conscious mind.

Use your better judgment and watch closely what impact that recording has on you.

Also, if you would like to know how to align your body’s energy with guided meditation, read about chakra cleansing here.​

Meditation Performed on A Deeper Level

… It’s when you tap to your core… which is pure love. We all have it and we all feel it or experience it differently.

Our approach emphasizes the power of love to heal, that there is no force in the universe as powerful as divine love, and that we can access this love from within. So, tune in to that.

In the Gospel of John, God is depicted as Light, Life and Love. This corresponds closely with the Hindu understanding of our Source as Sat, Chit and Ananda, or Being, Consciousness and Bliss. If Christ is the Light of the World, than He is also the Life of the World, and that Life is the Love of the world.

Disciples meditate on the His sacrificial death on the cross for all humanity as the ultimate expression of this love. Evangelists, such as Billy Graham, have been extremely gifted in personalizing that love, such that Jesus did not die just for a handful of people a long time ago. He died for YOU, such that if you were the only person who ever lived, He would gladly die all over again that you might partake of His eternal life.

Whatever your religious, spiritual or philosophic orientation, you cannot help but respond to Transcendent Love wherever it is to be found. All the great religious traditions have some expression of that Love, starting with the baseline injunction to do unto others what you would have them do unto you, to act with total consideration.

However, the highest level of love is to experience Whom and What we call “God” as our Lover. This is a passionate, romantic love that forsakes all else for that One, and that can be experienced as incomparable liberation. This is directly linked to spiritual healing meditation.​

Our Guided Healing and Cleansing Meditation

This Love is exemplified in the Bodhisattva tradition of Mahayana Buddhism, that, “though the flames of hell be infinite, I vow to extinguish everyone of them,” and “though the gates of heaven are opened up to me, I will not take a single step until all humanity enters in with me.”

It is also expressed in the Hindu tradition of Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita promising His disciples that if anyone at any time calls upon Him, He will burn all their karma away and purify them instantly.

healing meditation

Why not, then, create your own vision of God’s Love being the healing force that will make you totally well. You can choose the divine figure that most speaks to you. While in the Roman Catholic tradition, Christ is seen as the ultimate embodiment of Absolute Love, Mother Mary, the Blessed Virgin, the “Mother of God,” may be more compelling for some, or one of the many saints or angels.

Here, then, is the ground for this kind of meditation (in a form of affirmation), which you can adapt with your own words:

God is Love. This Love is Absolute. No one and nothing can possibly overcome It. Since God Is Love, Love Is God. Love, True Love, is infinite and eternal. It is a consuming flame that will never retreat. It is the most powerful force in the Universe. The Love of God can completely heal me from the inside out, as He / She / It recognizes me to be divine, God’s son or God’s daughter.

I can’t possibly blow it. I am forgiven of all my mistakes from eternity past to eternity future. I suddenly realize that God has never been in the judgment game. God is totally with me, and on my side. It is I, who have hidden behind the tree in a game of “It.” All I ever need to do is open up to this Absolute Love and delight in it. Dance in its light!​

We suggest that you create an affirmation around this by the golden, tropical sands of a peaceful sea, or in an alpine glade at the edge of a crystal clear lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains. This might come out something like this:

I find myself walking on white sands of a sheltered tropical beach… I see the morning sun rise over the vast ocean… I feel vibrantly alive as I step into the water…I now find myself totally bathed in a sea of infinite Light, Life and Love…

As the loving waters stroke and caress me, I realize that I am whole, complete and perfect… All dis-ease disappears from my body… My tissues are healed and fully restored. I am One with God, and with the Universe…

Eternal Life flows within me… I am free to love everyone with this very same Love that totally covers me… All is well with my soul… I can hardly wait for today and tomorrow to unfold!… I am so happy to be alive!.

Please feel free to customize this improvised meditation any way you wish. Just realize that there is a sacred presence that offers the most profound experience of love you can ever imagine. That love heals. Time to tune into it!

If you wish to share your thoughts or some of your affirmations in the comments below, please feel free to do so.​

metaphysical spiritual healing
Mar 22

Metaphysical Spiritual Healing: Your Formula For Natural Miracles

By Conscious Owl | Healing Principles

Metaphysical, as a word, refers to that which is beyond physical, and spiritual, as a word, originally denoted the breath, or the wind, as in the Hebrew word, ruach. Metaphysical spiritual healing refers to healing effected beyond any physical considerations. Typically, it doesn’t even require laying on of hands or a conspicuous transfer of energy, but can be done remotely.

It points to a mental or spiritual world beyond that which is apparent to our senses which has the power to transform the physical world, much like faith healing, which is a direct petition for divine intervention.​

Metaphysical Spirituality - the New Thought Movement

Mary Baker Eddy, founder of Christian Science out of the Boston area in the second half of the 19th Century, opened up a daring new approach to healing challenging and life-threatening conditions out of her own personal experience of seeking healing for herself, using every healing modality available to her at that time without success, including allopathic, modern medicine, as well as homeopathy.

Mary had a dangerous slip on the ice that severely injured her, bringing her close to death and incapacitating her for many days.

Out of desperation, Mary turned to the Bible, particularly the Gospel accounts and began to carefully study the life of Jesus of Nazareth in minute detail, examining every element of His healings for clues on how to heal today.

​This was in an era in which science was having an ever greater impact on people’s lives, given the breakthroughs of Charles Darwin in biology, and comparable developments in the other sciences.

​Mary was impressed by the requirement in the experimental method of repeatability and public verifiability. She was interested in the underlying laws or principles of phenomena, and began to apply them to the spiritual dimension.

Mary healed herself and began to heal dozens, then hundreds, then even thousands of other people using these very principles such that her patient / clients begged her to teach them how to do the same.

Mary began to systematize those principles and established a school, as well as writing the first version of her ground-breaking “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,” which she viewed as a textbook or guide for reading along with the Bible.​

Mary Baker Eddy

​Mary trained hundreds of students before establishing a church, which grew to have branches across America, and then the world.

The method of Christian Science emerges from the belief that there is only one mind, Divine Mind, and that everything else is but an “idea” of God, much like a dream. 

Since God is, by definition, all powerful, infinitely intelligent, everywhere present, and all good, everything He created must be perfect.​

The book of Genesis reveals that God created “Man” in His image. Therefore, that image must be perfect. Any perception to the contrary is regarded as an “error,” and can be resolved by realization of the underlying Truth.

To put it in other words, there is only God, and we are God’s dream. Since God is Love, God loves us absolutely. We need only realize this to be spontaneously healed. Any injury, sickness or dis-ease is, therefore, F.E.A.R., the often-used acronym for “False Evidence Appearing Real.”

This might sound cuckoo and totally untenable were it not for the fact that Mary Baker Eddy in her own lifetime received literally hundreds of letters of spontaneously healings from people simply reading her book, or attending her services, or even seeing her in her carriage riding down the streets of Boston.

In addition, there were dozens of eye-witness accounts of her direct healing others, which have been duly catalogued in the “Mother Church” in Boston. They are stunning, including resuscitation from death, healing eyes and broken limbs on the spot, even of a baby falling down several floors of a building without so much as a scratch.

This tradition continues, not only within the Churches of Christ, Scientist, around the world, but within the various spinoffs by people who studied under Mary.​

Unity, Religious Science and Divine Mind

Christian Science became so influential that it spawned a movement, which has lasted for well over a hundred years, including the Unity School of Christianity in Missouri, Religious Science and Divine Mind. Late in Mary Baker Eddy’s life, she made her book the “Pastor” of her church. Instead of traditional Protestant sermons, her churches offer readings and hymns from the King James Version of the Bible and her book.

The various derivatives of Christian Science adapted Mary Baker Eddy’s methodology, changing key elements and varying the forms and expression. All of them have a focus on the life of Jesus Christ, but approach healing with subtle differences.

God is seen as loving and always willing to heal us. Therefore, we needn’t beg Him to make an exception in our case, but rather, we can boldly use affirmative prayer to accomplish the healing, much like positive thinking.

Rather than ask God, “Will you heal me?” - we declare that we already ARE healed, down to the very cellular level. This approaches healing with less of an emphasis on the specific injury, illness or condition being an illusion, and more on God’s power to transform it. In addition, there is an openness to using other medical approaches, such as conventional allopathic medicine, viewing the physicians as God’s instruments in accomplishing the healing.

Again, this might seem like wishful thinking, except for the fact that it often produces overnight improvements, often with such a frequency that it is difficult to attribute it all to the placebo effect.

Watch this video for a detailed visual explanation of how to heal the body with the mind:​

Metaphysical Beliefs and Law of Attraction

Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith of Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, is one of the world leader’s, and relies heavily on the power of affirmation and visualization. He is deeply moving with a huge church and vast following, with tie-ins to the late Mahatma Gandhi.

Michael was one of the most inspirational speakers in the book and movie, “The Secret,” who underscored our divinely unlimited potential. His approach to healing resonates with the Principle of Attraction, that what we intensely think about has a tendency to come to us.

I, myself, have closely followed both Christian Science and Unity for the last several years, enjoying overnight results in many cases, dealing with a chronic skin condition. I have a mentor who is a nurse practitioner in Christian Science, as well as calling up the Silent Unity hotlines whenever exceptional needs come up for myself, and others I know.

I can truthfully say that my condition and circumstances improved or cleared up in almost every case. I can’t deny what I have seen with my own eyes, and felt with my own flesh. These approaches actually work.

I am beginning to see all this method as an expression of the Absolute Love Which we call “God,” the Source of our Being. I am increasingly convinced that this is the very core of all of us. That getting in touch with this Love calls us home and heals us. In that Love, we transcend time and space.

Visit this page for more information on spiritual healing principles.​

powerful prayer
Mar 21

Powerful Prayers Begin With A Mustard Seed

By Conscious Owl | Healing Prayers

Faith is the ability to visualize a future possibility and live into it as if it had already occurred. It requires implicit trust, a dynamic, devotional relationship with Higher Power. An open heart and an open mind is all that is required for your powerful prayers to come true.

One teacher put it that faith is the ability to see what God intends to do, and then cooperate with Him in accomplishing it. Jesus of Nazareth challenged his students that if they had the faith of a mustard seed, they could ask this mountain to move, and it would move.

A mustard seed is one of the very tiniest of seeds, and yet it gives birth to a solid, substantial tree. Jesus was saying that any faith will do. Just start with whatever faith you have.

Prayer is usually thought of as a petition or request of God. The conventional attitude is to make a prayer, and then wait or see. Rarely in our current culture is it thought of as a two-way process, that you simply talk to God, and then God talks back to you.

Even today, some people experience an audible voice talking back to them, as did Neale Donald Walsch in his “Conversations with God” series. However, this is not necessary. In fact, Neale’s books were primarily composed through a process of handwriting. The “still, small voice” is always the most powerful voice. When you experience the sacred presence, then you can pray powerfully.​

How to Experience God Through Prayer

How do you then experience God if you haven’t had much success to date?

Simply ask.​

It is fascinating to hear stories of people who came spiritually alive by praying something like this: “God, I don’t know if you are real or not, but if you are real, please reveal yourself to me.”

God speaks in sacred text, including the Bible, but God also speaks through circumstances and other people. If you really tune in, you may start to hear God’s voice speaking to you.

You will find that it is not what you expect. You won’t hear the voice of some stern taskmaster ready to throw the book at you. Rather, you will hear the voice of love. You will find the voice coming from deep within, bringing profound peace and assurance, a sense of certainty that you can’t quite put your fingers on.

As you grow comfortable both speaking to and listening to God, you will begin to ask Him questions, and begin to hear answers, both as impressions and as subvocalized words. You then take the attitude of a 24x7 relationship with your spiritual phone always on. God can come in and speak to you, even intervene on your behalf, in split seconds.

You may find this process most vivid and powerful early in the morning, long before you rise out of bed. You will begin to find that you go beyond words, you start to actually commune with God. You may start to cry, as you will be tremendously moved.

When you open up to the possibility that God is absolute Love, everything will begin to change. God is the Source of the Universe, Who dwells in the innermost part of our being. God is our only True and Ultimate Self. When the light within you is switched on, you will find yourself entering a different reality.

This Love is infinite, omnipotent, omnipresent. There is nowhere that It is not present. God loves you in a very personal way, as if you were the only one in this vast universe. God loves you as His “lover.” You will find that this Voice, this Sacred Presence, would do anything for you.

You are in a process of cultivating your relationship with Him. You are awakening to the divine love story behind history, behind the apparent chaos and confusion of our daily lives.

You then begin to realize that all things are possible with God, that God is not limited in any way.

God wants the very best for you… always. It is your job simply to begin to align with His will. As Jesus put it in the Garden of Gethsemane during the Passion, “Not my will, but thine be done.”

When you open up to the Higher Will, you will begin to see what is best for you, what you were meant to do on this Planet during this lifetime.

As we like to point out, “You can have anything you TRULY want, so long as you choose it EXACLTLY the way it is.” When you surrender to the present moment, then you can open up to infinite possibility and start living within it. This is the key and the secret to your powerful prayer!

Powerful Prayer and The Greatest Miracle

Jesus of Nazareth in the Gospel of John powerfully illustrates this approach to prayer when one of His closest friends, Lazarus, gets sick and passes away when He is away. Jesus comes back to the village days after only to find that His friend has already been buried.

Jesus challenges Lazarus’s bereaving sister, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live. And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this?

Jesus then walks with his disciples to the tomb, and asks the family to roll away Lazarus’s stone. They object, saying that he has already been dead four days, that there would be a terrible stench. Jesus responds, “Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?”

prayer for healing

After they rolled away the stone, Jesus lifted up His eyes to heaven, praying, “Father, I thank You that You have heard Me. And I know that You always hear Me, but because of the people who are standing by I said this, that they may believe that You sent Me.” Jesus then cried with a loud voice, “Lazarus, come forth!” The text then tells us, “And he who had died came out bound hand and foot with grave clothes, and his face was wrapped with a cloth. Jesus said to them “Loose him, and let him go.”

Certainly, this is one of the greatest miracles ever recorded. What is most amazing is the revelation that Jesus delivers in bringing a friend long dead back to life. Jesus calls Himself by the ultimate Hebrew name for God, “I AM.” He further asserts that I AM IS the Resurrection and the Life.

Jesus so identifies Himself with God that there is no longer a distinction, and He is able to accomplish the apparently impossible. Later, of course, Jesus goes on after his crucifixion to raise Himself from the dead, according to the Christian tradition.

While you may be totally skeptical about all this, it is difficult to argue with 2,000 years of recorded history that witnessed the emergence of the world’s largest faith. Something earthshaking must have happened back then. The early apostles were accused of turning the world upside down.​

“I AM” Your True Nature and Prayer For Healing

Your prayer always needs to come from within. If, at times, you’ll feel as though you simply can’t connect with your deeper self… play this video; it might put you in the right space of mind and open you up…

What is vital to realize is that, in addition to establishing a devotional relationship with this Messiah, this King, you can discover that this “I AM” is your own ultimate nature. You can wake up to your own divine nature. You can commune with your Higher Self in simple language.

No need to impress Him or Her. God knows your needs even before you ask Him. When you are plugged in and tuned in, powerful prayer can be supremely simple: “Heal me.” “Bless us.” “Thank you for healing me. I AM all that I AM, I AM.”

In the story, it is most important to realize that Jesus actually thanks His Father for hearing Him.

In hearing Him, Jesus has the confidence to give forth what would, by all common sense, be totally insane. Jesus did the “impossible,” because all things are possible.

We also can thank our Source in advance of that which we ask. This requires an implicit trust. When you really tune in, you will receive an inner affirmation that your prayer will be answered, well ahead of it happening. You will develop a type of inner knowing that no one and nothing can ever take away from you.

To read more on prayer for forgiveness, please click here.

We would suggest that you read the Gospel of John within the New Testament. If you read nothing else in the Bible, you will find that this masterpiece is sufficient to open you up.

It is a profoundly mystical text that takes you behind the curtains into the inner workings of the Universe. You don’t need to be a Christian, go to church, or do anything religious, unless you want to.

Just treat yourself to a set of possibilities that will open your heart and mind far beyond anything you have ever imagined. Speak in your own words and from your heart. Then you will find God, and you will find that God always hears you.

Here is more information on spiritual healing prayers.​

chakra cleansing
Mar 20

Chakra Cleansing: May the Force Be With You!

By Conscious Owl | Healing Meditation

Where does your Force come from? It comes from your energy within. Once that energy is out of alignment - “the Force is No Longer with You”! Chakra cleansing helps to align your energy and guide it back to its original source.

From the standpoint of new physics, we find ourselves in a virtual ocean of energy and consciousness with the most apparently solid objects around us just “mathematical ghosts.” Every apparent particle is surrounded by a vast amount of space, and every apparent particle within it, right down to the Planck Scale, something like 10^(-35)  meters. Einstein demonstrated that matter is instantly convertible to energy in his famous E = MC2 formula. From the ancient Hindu perspective, all there is Nama and Rupa, name and form, concept and appearance.

When we look at our apparently solid bodies, we are looking at pools of energy. In classical yoga, we have multiple bodies, including the astral body, which is just behind what we call the physical body. It is within that body that we find the chakras, or circles, wheels of energy, much like swirling pools of water.​

The 7 Chakras and Their Meaning

There are hundreds of energy swirling pools in the body, but we generally refer to only the primary seven, going up the spine, from the root to the crown, each with their own assigned color, corresponding to those of the rainbow, or light spectrum, ROY G. BIV:

1. Muladhara, or Root Chakra:  Red

2. Swadhisthana, or Sacral Chakra:  Orange

3. Manipura, Solar Plexus Chakra:  Yellow

4. Anahata, or Heart Chakra:  Green

5. Vishuddha, or Throat Chakra:  Blue

6. Ajra, Third-Eye Chakra:  Indigo

7. Sahasrara, Crown Chakra:  Violet

Each chakra is considered a psychic center, affecting the surrounding tissues and organ, with its own level of consciousness, as follows:

1. Root Chakra, Rectum:  Security

2. Sacral Chakra, Genitalia:  Sensuality

3. Solar Plexus, Guts:  Power

4. Heart Chakra, Lungs:  Love

5. Throat Chakra, Vocal Cords:  Creativity / Cosmic Consciousnesss

6. Third-Eye Chakra, Eyes, Ears:  Insight / Divinity

7. Crown Chakra, Upper Brain, Energy Field:  Unity / Transcendence

In so far as these centers are blocked, their functioning is impaired, and we experience disease. They are responsive to vibrations all around them. You have most likely run into people who gave you the creeps without your really knowing why.

You may have even opened up a corporate door and instantly got the feeling you would rather not be there. In the days of the hippies, everyone talked about good vibes and bad vibes. These vibrations are as real as anything else.

When you get caught up in someone else’s energy, such as that of a Type A, or dominating person, or you find yourself in an argument with a very aggressive person, you are reacting to vibrations, typically of the lower chakras, entailing security, sensuality and power issues.

Likewise, when you find yourself irresistibly opening up in a joyous and empowering way, you are responding to vibrations of love. When you get caught up in a feeling of being one with the world, one with God, that all is one, you are feeling the upper chakras. Being around an enlightened master opens you up to enlightenment, as well, like a contact high.

In maintaining health, it is important to be sensitive to, not just physical pain, but everything that is going on in your body. If you really tune in, you will find all kinds of feelings and sensations. By becoming conscious of them in a non-judgmental way, you tend to calm down.​

Psychic and Metaphysical Healing Using Energy

Psychic healing deals entirely on this level, and concerns itself with removing negative energy, and replacing it with vibrant awareness and well being. True health is not merely the absence of disease; it is the feeling of being totally alive, thrilled to participate in life. You will find at least three broad approaches to this type of healing:

  • Distant Healing with Visualization
  • Non-Touch Massage, as in Reiki
  • Self-Visualization, often accompanied by soft soothing music, and fragrant scents, such as incense.

Metaphysical healing does not even require you to be present. Exceptional healers, such as Edgar Cayce, merely need to know your name, even if you are thousands of miles away. They will get thoughts, ideas and images that are often exceedingly accurate. They can envision a healing light filling your chakras, often associated with a sacred presence, such as that of Christ, Buddha or Lord Krishna.

Reiki Cleansing – Wiping Out Negative Energy

Reiki practitioners will have you lie back, and they will pass their hands over you without even touching you. They can concentrate on each of the chakras and wipe away the negative energy.

Some healing techniques have the practitioner wash his hands after passing over each chakra, as it is thought the water instantly absorbs the unwanted energy. Often they will do a preliminary exercise where they visualize their spine, like roots of a tree going deep into the solid and grounding them.

It is thought that there may be a transference of energy. The healer needs to do something with the energy, so he or she psychically sends it into the ground.​

Chakra Cleansing Meditation

I would like to point out, that spiritual healing meditation should be practiced daily (using specific chakra cleanse or not). At this time, let’s focus on chakras.

cleansing meditation

You can cleanse your own chakras by lying in a comfortable position in a relaxing environment and breathing deeply. Take long and slow breaths, which will rapidly calm down the nervous system.

Visualize each of the chakras like a transparent overlay of your body with their respective chakras. You start from the Root Chakra, gradually working your way to the top. You might see the chakras as being very dim and dark in color. As you send divine white light into each of them, they become brighter and more transparent.

You can also visualize them opening up like blossoms. Some people envision rosebuds of different colors opening up into full bloom.

Some experts suggest that you both open your chakras, and close them, which we find counter-intuitive. If you experience sickness because the chakra is shut down, why would you want to close it once you open it? You want the energy to keep flowing. This seems almost wacko!

They would maintain that the chakras are like vents. When you want to aerate a room, you open and then close the window before it gets too cold. This reminds us that we are using visualization to impact something that is rather abstract, although some people actually have the ability to see auras around people, not just feel them.

You can use this guided meditation in activating and cleansing your chakras by playing this video:​

Read more about how to meditate properly here.

Speaking of auras, Kirlian photography attempts to record the different colors. You can, of course, feel the energy field of your own, or your partner’s body, by just putting your hand several inches away. At some point, you will most definitely feel the warmth. So we know that it is there.

If you tune into the Light, to “The Force,” you will access the Higher Power that does the real healing. It is your Supreme Self, the Creator and Organizer of the universe, that empowers your imagination, using tools such as chakra healing.

Traditionally, yoga was very spiritual. No one had a problem mentioning God. In fact, it was viewed as the way to God. The word means “yoke” or union, becoming ONE with GOD. Reach out to divine presence and energy any way that appeals to you. Chakra healing is a powerful method for people energetically attuned and who can easily visualize. However, it is ultimately the means to an end, and not the end in and of itself.

Have you tried cleansing your chakras?  Share it with all of us (conscious owls) what works for You (or not).​

healing modalities
Mar 19

What Are Healing Modalities and Which Therapy Is For Me?

By Conscious Owl | Spiritual Methods

You may be immediately faced with an injury, illness, disease or other persistent, unwanted condition and unsure which healing modalities may help you or to which health professional to turn. When you look at going beyond a conventional allopathic physician whose only prescription is an “ill to the pill” or taking a knife to fix your body via some surgical procedure, you will find a proliferation of alternatives going way beyond what was traditionally available, or which was the mainstay of modern culture for a century or two.

This is because we now find ourselves in a world culture and civilization. It is now more possible than ever that you live next to someone born the other side of the world. This is a great blessing, since we now enjoy alternatives our parents and grandparents never even imagined.

What then is your strategy to find the best therapy and the best practitioner? It would be advisable to find a primary health care provider, typically, but not always, a physician, who has solid training in allopathic medicine, but also additional training in functional, integrative medicine, or holistic health.

It is not uncommon today to find physicians with multiple degrees, such as an MD with certification in acupuncture. This physician can act as a counselor to direct you to the most appropriate alternative healthcare provider. The key issue will be what is going on with your body, your mind, your heart, even your spirit.

You are most fortunate if you already have a physician attuned to all four dimensions in health. However, this is not yet the norm in contemporary medicine. For example, many American MD’s never received a single course on nutrition in all their formal medical training.​

Choosing Alternative Healing Modalities

One way to approach a veritable supermarket of alternative systems, therapies, methods, techniques and practices is to look at those that focus on the body or the mind or the emotions or the spirit. From an integral perspective, any illness or condition will entail all four dimensions of health, in that they all interconnect.

However, one modality will usually predominate in the issue at hand. Did you injure your feet? Do you have great pain in the stomach? Do you feel profoundly depressed? Are you all bummed out about a relationship? Do you feel life has no meaning or that you make no difference whatever? Are you suffering profound feelings of guilt over something you have done decades ago? Whatever challenges you at this time, let us consider the four types of health treatment.​

4 Types of Healing Systems


Most likely, some type of physical therapy will come to mind, whether it is something you do, or something done to you. This includes dozens of variations of massage and yoga, as well as participatory therapies, such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong and dance therapy.

Touch therapies include Swedish massage, Acupressure, Shiatsu, Rolfing, Reflexology, Trager, even Watsu (hydrotherapy with massage). Movement therapies include yoga, Tai Chi / Qi Gong, Alexander Technique and the Trager Approach.

Touch will most often be hands on. However, such practices as Reiki and Healing Touch may involve light touch, or even caressing your energy fields without actually touching you. Some touch therapies, such as Chiropractic, CranialSacral Therapy and Rolfing may involve deep tissue work, impacting the muscular fascia, or even manipulating bones and joints. Yoga has many variations, including Vipassana or flowing Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga or Bikram (Hot) Yoga.

One way out of this confusion is to realize that many differences were done primarily for commercial reasons to differentiate one practitioner’s offerings from those of competitors.

Many of the differences are profound and add great value. However, you may find some that are more superficial. The energy and presence of the practitioner may be the most important factor. You may be intuitively drawn to one practitioner over another, even when his or her methodology may be unfamiliar to you.

As with medical doctors, some health practitioners actually have a natural gift of healing, a profound sense of well-being that they offer to others. I personally know someone who has a profound gift of joy and vibrancy that gives peace and joy to everyone she touches. You might consider this a spiritual gift. We may all have some gift of healing, but some of us have a superabundant portion of this gift, even from the very start.​


Mind / Body medicine has been increasingly at the forefront with the impressive success of such MD’s as Deepak Chopra and Andrew Weil, who have gone beyond the standard paradigm. Deepak started out as a research doctor, wound up in an emergency room, became chief surgeon, and then met the Maharishi, learning Transcendental Meditation (TM).

Everything changed for him, and he ended up evangelizing Ayurvedic medicine in America, and around the world. Deepak practically invented mind / body medicine, giving it intellectual currency in academic and popular medicine.

Andrew studied herbology at Harvard University, and then began a worldwide study of how herbs were used by indigenous people on every continent. His best seller, Eight Weeks to Optimal Health, popularized integrative medicine, where the public was opened up to body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Mind / Body approaches include biofeedback, breath work of all kinds, guided imagery and visualization, as well as all the different types of meditation. Health professionals readily acknowledge that the mindset of the individual facing life-threatening conditions, such as cancer or heart surgery, has a major impact on the outcome.​

Is the cup half empty or half full?

Positive thinking is a major factor, often strengthened by the use of affirmations. Increasingly, in clinics and hospitals, physicians are also inviting their patients to actively visualize positive outcomes. Meditation, which can be as simple as silently repeating the word “ONE,” are used to induce what Dr. Herbert Benson called the relaxation response, to give patients a sense of peace and presence.

mental healing

Chakra healing would be part of this system as well.​


Emotional methods deserve a category of their own. They are important, not only in physical healing, but also in mental healing. These include things like Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Dance Therapy, Aroma Therapy, even Light Therapy in northern climates. Both Art and Music Therapy can be participative.

Patients or clients can create a work of art, drawing, painting or sculpture. Music therapy may entail clients actually improvising a piece of music by singing or playing a keyboard. No creative talent is necessary, as the object is to give expression to feeling. Jungian therapy, in particular, does much with this, including dream analysis.

Another emotional approach is peer and group counseling. People facing chronic health, as well as psychiatric, conditions discuss their issues and problems with sympathetic people who may provide useful feedback and vital emotional support to boost the patient’s confidence.

Love is the most important single ingredient in all healing. This love can be from relatives or a primary relationship. However, it is by no means limited to that. It can be purely on a friendship level, and that most likely from a spiritual source. The more vitally people are in touch with Whom and What we call “God,” the more powerful is their love, which can be experienced as an irresistible energy.​


Spiritual healing methods include, but are not limited to, all the countless forms of prayer and meditation. They also include going out in nature, being with plants and animals and sitting by the seashore watching the waves come in and hearing the surf pound the rocks. We feel that spirituality is the master ingredient in all healing.

Doctors can give pills and cut away malignant tissues, but our ‘inner peace’ and ‘inner power’ (our Source) does the actual healing. Remember, the body wants to heal itself. If we get out of the way and actually work with our bodies, we will be most successful.

Prayer, whatever your religious tradition - Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Shamanic or even Humanist - can be of two varieties. The prayer of faith and metaphysical or “scientific” prayer.

The prayer of faith is a turning to our Creator or the Source of our Being. We simply talk to God in the words that feel most natural to us. It opens up a line of communication that often invites answers back from God, most often in intuitive impressions and an inner voice, as well as synchronicity, even miracles.

We ask God to heal us with an open heart and mind that Higher Power and Infinite Intelligence actually hear us. Metaphysical prayer affirms our healing as an accomplished fact, that we are “whole, complete and perfect” just as we are, encompassed by God’s love. Recognition that we are divine, “sons and daughters” of God, is essential to this approach. Actual recorded miracles of both approaches run into the hundreds of thousands, even millions.

Here is one amazing story of a woman who is miraculously healed after being in a wheelchair for 22 years:​

Meditation can likewise be of two approaches, centering and contemplation. Centering meditation focuses on a sacred name, sometimes a single syllable that is repeated internally with eyes closed. TMTM standardized this into 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening, although this could go on for literally hours.

Contemplation focuses on a theme or subject, often drawn from sacred literature. It could be on God Himself / Herself, or it could be on the nature of God, such as God Is Love. The point is to commune with God. The words and name are not so important as the Living Presence, that which goes beyond verbal expression.

In sum, if you live in a major urban center, you have a flood of alternatives for healthcare. Much is available directly from the Internet. We encourage you to explore the possibilities, even take an experimental attitude. We encourage you to find someone else to share the path to profound healing and well-being. It might even be a friend or acquaintance you trust. The first step may be to find an enlightened MD, someone tuned into body, mind, heart and spirit.​

healing chakras
Mar 18

Proof That Healing Chakras Really Work

By Conscious Owl | Spiritual Methods

Can healing chakras transform your alignment – physically and mentally? Health in the Eastern traditions emphasizes a dynamic energetic balance within the body, much like the Yin / Yang concept. When systems are off-balance, you get a dysfunction, which we call injury or disease.

The Western allopathic approach has focused on fixing the diseased area with pharmaceuticals and surgery, whereas the Eastern holistic approach is to realign the body. In the yogic tradition, we have multiple bodies, with the physical body being the most gross, and the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies being increasingly subtle, or refined.

This correlates closely with the discoveries of recent physics, where all matter is convertible into energy, and where consciousness is fundamental to all our observations and interactions with the external world. It’s one of spiritual healing methods that we discuss throughout.

Yoga focuses on energy moving up and down the spine with the Ida and Pingala nerves going through the vertebrae right into the brain. Seven energy centers have been identified through millennia of meditation and inner exploration, starting with the base of the spin, and moving upward.

Each center is correlated with specific parts of the body. When the physical body looks sick, it is closely correlated with the subtle, or etheric, body. It is sometimes more effective to focus on the subtle body than directly on the physical body.

Each of the centers, or chakras (“wheels” in Sanskrit), can be relatively blocked, or open, and each center influences the corresponding organs. For example, imbalances in the Root Chakra can cause problems in the legs, feet, rectum, immune system, reproductive organs and prostate gland, and can result in such issues as degenerative arthritis, knee pain, sciatica, eating disorders and constipation.

Before Healing Your Chakras Know This…

The Seven Chakras are Broken up Into 4 Bands

Physical:  Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra

Emotional:  Heart Chakra

Mental:  Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra… and…

Spiritual:  Crown Chakra.

Each Band Requires a Different Approach

  • The physical band benefits most from a direct approach, such as yoga, massage or dance.
  • The emotional band benefits from an approach involving interrelationships, as opposed to staying in isolation.
  • The mental band involves self-expression, intuition and energetic awareness.
  • The Spiritual band involves approaches like meditation, sacred literature and religious symbols.

It is helpful to see this all laid out before your eyes:

sacral chakra organs

When possible, you may want to experiment with healing sights, sounds, fragrances, tastes and touches. Engage all your senses in a soothing way.

For example, it is recommended for the Root Chakra, that you actually hug a tree. For the Sacral Chakra, you can bathe in flowing water. For the Solar Plexus Chakra, spend time out in the sun. For the Heart chakra, you can listen to beautiful, romantic music. For the Throat Chakra, you can chant mantras. For the Third-Eye Chakra, you can create your own vision board, cutting-out pictures from old magazines, or printing pictures from image archives on the Internet. For the Crown Chakra, you can journey to a sacred, enchanted place, such as Sedona, Arizona.​

Healing Chakras With Sound

If you would like to open up and awaken all seven chakras using sound (binaural beat), try this and see if you experience anything different:

The life force within us, whether thought of as prana, Chi, Ki or manna, is crucial to the process of healing and enjoying a profound sense of well being. It is closely linked with breath, which is traditionally linked to spirit.

The body has a tendency to heal itself through its energy system. We just need to cooperate with it, and give it every break possible. Developing an awareness of chakras, and the role they play in regulating the body is fundamental to good health.​

The Way Chakra Healing Is Viewed By Doctors

Leading-edge M.D’s, such as Andrew Weil, Marc Hyman and Mimi Guarneri, practice integrative, holistic medicine where they approach their patients as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings. They are not content to just examine the physical body. They recommend approaches such as hatha yoga, Tai Chi or Qi Gong, meditation, massage and support groups that encourage interpersonal communication.

Dr. Weil spent years traveling around the world, much like an anthropologist, studying exotic medications developed in indigenous villages. Dr. Hyman started out as a yoga teacher, studied philosophy as an undergraduate, and formally studied Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing.

Dr. Guarneri started out as a hard-core heart surgeon, cutting people open in the chest. She completely gave that up after meeting Dr. Dean Ornish. She now works with her patients on all levels, including their eating habits, their social life and their spiritual life. Dr. Guarneri travels to India twice a year and urges doctors to develop a much broader toolkit than Western Medicine allows.

Dr. Deepak Chopra has done more than almost anyone else in America to promote broad interest in the chakras. He trained in New Delhi as a Western doctor, and then met the Beatles’ guru, Mahesh Maharishi Yogi, who opened him up to meditation and Ayurvedic medicine, the ancient approach to health in India. This revolutionized Dr. Chopra’s life and thinking. He has written dozens of books, and nearly every one of them has been heavily influenced by a profound appreciation of yoga and the chakras.

Dr. Chopra points out in many of his books that your consciousness can be closely correlated to your chakras, such that the way you see reality is conditioned by the chakra with which you most align.​

chakra healing approach

To be exclusively focused on the lower chakras can lead to a very hollow, materialistic life, no matter how outwardly successful you might become. Moving into the heart chakra will result in a major shift in your whole orientation. Opening up the top three chakras and hanging out in them can result in a truly magical life, a life where you see everything and everyone as divine.

Dr. Chopra meditates very early in the morning for two hours each and every day. His energy and impact on the world are astounding.

Focusing on the chakras can not only heal you, but also transform your life. If enough people wake up to their inner riches, we may all collectively find true peace and prosperity.

To learn more about self-healing techniques click here.​

prayer for forgivess
Mar 17

How Our Prayer For Forgiveness Transformed Us

By Conscious Owl | Healing Prayers

Your prayer for forgiveness should not be taken lightly. If it’s ‘done on the surface’ with no deeper meaning and understanding… this unpleasant and even painful shadow will keep following you around. Therefore, it is important to understand all aspects of human forgiveness as they all contribute to your prayer for true depth and completeness.

Of all the world’s Great Faiths, Christianity gives the most central role to love and forgiveness. Jesus of Nazareth, in His Sermon on the Mount, enjoined his early followers to refrain from judging others, because by the very same criteria that they used for others, they themselves would be judged. He went on to urge them to forgive, not only their family, friends and neighbors, but also their most bitter enemies, even to the point where they “spitefully use you.” He repeatedly emphasized throughout the Gospel accounts that to be forgiven, simply forgive others.

Jesus went on in that sermon to refer to God as your Father, who, like the sun, unconditionally shines on you whether you are good or bad. All people benefit from the light of the sun irrespective of their station in life. In the Gospel according to Saint John, Light, Life and Love are all correlated. The Apostle John went on to write in his First Epistle: God is Love, perhaps the most stunning statement ever made.

The God of the Abrahamic Faiths (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) is held to be infinite, eternal, omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. This means that He has no end, always was, always will be, has all power, all knowledge and is present everywhere. A further study of the Gospels reveals that they are methods for realizing our divinity, that we are sons and daughters of God.​

How To Pray for Forgiveness

Since we are inherently divine, created in the image of God, we are to treat one another as divine, as virtually gods and goddess. We are to love one another with that same Love with which God loves us. It is most significant that the most famous greeting of the Hindus is “Namaste!” which means, “I salute the deity within you.” Jesus brings His disciples up to the highest standards imaginable. He makes it clear later in the Gospel accounts that love for one another is a sign to all people that you are one of His followers.

Yet Jesus was also a realist. In the singular example He left us in the Lord’s Prayer, “Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.” Everyone we meet is our mirror. When we forgive others, they, and God, forgive us. He referred to people who judge others as having a beam in their eye, who try to pull out a spec from other people’s eyes.

There is no need to try to impress God, or anyone else. “I’m sorry that I hurt you.” “Forgive me. I will never do this again.” At one point, the Apostle Peter asked Jesus if someone offended him seven times in a single day, could he go ahead and swat him the eighth time. Jesus quipped, “Not seventy times seven.”

If Jesus asked His early followers, and by extension, all humanity, to forgive everyone unconditionally, how can we possibly suppose God won’t forgive us? While the Qur’an has many fearsome sayings around divine justice, in every single Surah, or chapter, except one, God is affirmed as gracious and merciful.

More to the heart of the question of forgiveness is Jesus’ voluntary death on the cross, the worst form of capital punishment in His day. Christian theology maintains that His death was the price of forgiving sin, that He took on the sins of the whole world, the karma of all humanity past, present and future. In the words of Saint Paul, “He who knew no sin became sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God.”

In essence, Jesus voluntary swapped His innocence for our sinfulness. A fine point in the account is the recognition that while on the cross, He forgave the hypocritical Pharisees who had accused Him of sedition and set Him up with the Romans.

It is one thing to forgive an ordinary person, but it is quite another thing to forgive a hypocrite. Earlier in the Gospel accounts, Jesus in no uncertain words slammed the Pharisees for being “the blind leading the blind.” We feel that Jesus, Himself, progressed throughout His life to the point where He could forgive even the hypocrites for the worst offense imaginable. At that very moment, He became the World Savior, the Greatest Lover the world has ever known.

Below, you can watch Bayless Conley share a similar message about the importance of forgiveness:​

A mystical perspective throws this all into a daring new light.

We can forgive others also, because we, ourselves, are totally forgiven. From eternity past to eternity future, our sins are forgiven. In other words, there is nothing we can possibly do to alienate God from us. We are loved absolutely, and we grow to discover that this Love is absolute. It is infinite and eternal, the most powerful force in the Universe.

When we open up to this possibility that God Himself (Herself / Itself) IS Love, then finding direct access to God means direct access to Love. We can love others with the very same Love with which we are loved.

Visit this post if you would like to learn more about spiritual healing prayers.​

Healing Forgiveness Begins

This divine love is the answer to forgiveness, as well as healing. Saint John reminded the early church that love casts out all fear, “For fear has torment.” The hidden truth of creation is that we ourselves, like God, ARE love. How is this possible?

You might say that we have three selves, a social self, a shadow self and a divine self.

Our social self is our mask that we put on to be respectable, to impress people, to divert attention from our shadow self, which most of are convinced we really are.

The shadow self is what we typically face in the mirror every morning after we have had a bad night, a person with mean, petty, selfish, even vindictive thoughts. This self is everything we pretend we are not in society. It is the worst possible self-image.

Underneath the social self and the shadow self lies our True Self, our divine self.

Our divine self is pure love, an adorable little child descended from Heaven who just wants to awaken, create, play and celebrate.

You might ask, “What happened?” How could we so totally forget Who we really are? It will help to realize that we live in a dream, God’s dream, and that we live out a story, a divine love story. This is the only way to make sense out of the crazy world we so often find. The story is all about God’s love, and we need a full cast of characters to pull this off, light and shadow, suspense and thrill, all the things for which you go to the movies. Consider that we often go to monster movies just for the fun of it.​

forgiveness prayer

What if, just what if, all there is, IS GOD? What if God is our only true and ultimate identity? Our reflection… in a way. What if, to take the Christian story, God actually became one of us, and went to the cross, not because we were miserable, filthy worms, but because we were infinitely precious in His sight? Then, Jesus died for our sins in order to wake us up to the Light, the Truth.

The central image of “sin” in the original Greek new testament if of missing the mark in archery, of blowing it. It is not so much that we were bad, but that we failed. Have you noticed how readily people blame themselves, as well as judge others?

What if it was necessary to pluck the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden (duality) in order to enter the greatest show the host of sentient beings throughout creation have ever seen?

How could you reveal absolute love without apparent evil, pain and suffering? What if we all, as individuals, play an essential role in the grand tapestry? What if the entire mosaic or composition is gorgeous?​

Your Forgiveness Prayer Up Close

To make the most of this discussion, we recommend that you start with a practice of thanking the Creator for anything and everything, preferable in writing. Then close your eyes every morning and systematically bless people. You can bless entire nations; only make sure you include people at the very bottom of your list.

Single out your greatest enemy and bless him every single day of this coming year. That person may or may not change, but you most certainly will. You will have the actual experience that you are divine. That love we identify as Christ will begin to spontaneously radiate through you.

You may find that it miraculously heals people around you, including yourself. Then you will fulfill Jesus’ vision for the world: “I have come that you might have life, and that more abundantly.”

When you pray for forgiveness your goal is (usually) to heal yourself… or someone very dear to you. This is the deepest and most transformational healing you’ll ever experience!​

healing with magnets
Mar 16

Healing With Magnets – Pros and Cons

By Conscious Owl | Healing Principles

Is healing with magnets effective?  Electromagnetism is one of four fundamental forms of energy in modern physics. Since the force is invisible, it has an abstract, almost spiritual quality to it. We find magnetic fields around the earth, such that pigeons fly home due to their ability to follow them. We actually have magnetic fields in our own body, which may correspond with our aura.

You can actually feel someone’s aura by placing your hand several inches away from their body. At a certain point in moving your hand toward them, you will begin to feel warmth. Magnetic fields also bring to mind the Yin / Yang principle of polarity in Chinese health and medicine with all the meridian points. It is, therefore, appropriate to look at magnetism as a form of spiritual healing.

How Did Magnet Therapy Started?

Magnets have been used for healing down through the centuries, starting with the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. It was thought that Queen Cleopatra wore one on her forehead to maintain her beauty, which may have influenced her pineal gland. Anton Mesmer, the father of hypnotism, experimented with them in the 18th century, as well as Daniel David Palmer, the founder of chiropractic.

Magnets for healing were quite popular in the 19th century until the advent of pharmacology upstaged them, after which they gradually diminished. Recently, the side effects and complications of pharmaceuticals have been increasingly recognized, and magnetic healing has increased in popularity as an alternative, especially for mitigating pain. Today, it has become a $5 billion industry worldwide.​

Magnets Are Used For Various Types of Healing?

Magnets are placed in bracelets and jewelry, strapped on wrists, ankles and the back.

magnetic healing

They are used as shoe insoles and are even placed in mattresses and blankets. They are employed to handle arthritis, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, sinus and stress headaches, asthma, muscle spasms, toothaches, strains, joint pain, fractures and swelling.

Some people have even attempted to magnetize water. They are thought to increase blood flow, providing more oxygen and nutrients, as well as heal a broken bone and move calcium away for arthritic joints. In addition, they are thought to help with schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s and depression.​

Magnets for Pain Relief and Evidence of Potency

Numerous scientific studies have been made, mostly on laboratory animals, where rats paws have been deliberately injured to the point where the poor creatures were writhing in pain, and where the application of magnetism reduced their swelling by 50% when applied immediately afterward.

Clinically, magnets have been employed by such agencies as the National Institutes of Health where patients with chronic sciatica (low back pain) were treated for five weeks, significantly reducing pain in the legs. At the Harvard Medical School, 29 patients with osteoarthritis in the knee were given treatments for four hours where as the pain scores dropped by 79 points.

Patients suffering diabetic neuropathy have enjoyed a significant reduction in foot pain, including a reduction in burning, numbness and tingling. A study of stroke patients with partial immobility established a significant improvement in their motor performance. This was likewise done for patients with Parkinson’s disease, who enjoyed significant improvements.​

Healing Magnet Controversies

Since this industry is massive and largely unregulated, claims for healing extreme conditions like cancer often go unchecked, even though it is illegal, as it is with nutriceuticals, to make claims in advertisements of healing specific diseases, such as being a cure for cancer.

​Obviously, manufacturers have a vested interest in making claims, even when unsubstantiated, to sell their products to a gullible public. Many of the articles on the Internet are written by them to promote their products. However, in some cases, well-conducted studies revealed static magnetic devices offered no more or less benefit than sham devices, due to the placebo effect.

What is crucial for a placebo to kick in is your unconditional faith that it will work for you. In clinical trials for all kinds of conditions, the placebo effect can result in a 30-40% improvement. However, should a patient lose faith in a particular therapy, its effectiveness will plunge.

Magnetic therapy is promising, but it is advisable to counter the tendency to think it is equally potent for all applications. A pre-clinical trial is a very long way from standard medical practice. The strength of a magnet is inversely proportional to its distance from the object attracted; the farther away, the less powerful.​

Both the size and power of the magnet are relevant factors. Certain magnets, such as neodymium, although expensive, are impressive, and can produce a field of one tesla. A practical consideration whether a particular magnet worn can actually penetrate the skin to the muscle or bone in consideration. Often magnets are sold where their ability to penetrate a person’s skin is negligible.​

Here is a great advise from a real doctor about using magnets to heal:​


• Remove watches.

• Keep away from fire.

• Don’t apply high-powered magnets to a pregnant woman.

• Remove watches during treatment.• Keep away from children.

• Avoid cold baths or meals immediately afterwards.

• Keep the magnet in a wooden box when not in use.

• Do not use magnets if you have any other metals in your body      (like pacemaker etc.)

Magnet Evaluation and Recommendations

Magnetic therapy in conventional medicine is still in its very early stages, although some insurance companies now cover this form of treatment. It is undergoing promising clinical research in major institutions. Scientists and medical doctors tend to be cautious about uncritically recommending this form of treatment.

It seems to be most useful for reducing pain and swelling in tissues. It is seldom looked to for a permanent cure. Health professionals do consider it reasonably safe. I have passed through a powerful MRI with no apparent damage. Also, I had electrical stimulation, along with ice packs to treat elbow pain, which definitely helped over the short term.

An experimental attitude might be best in conjunction with magnets, supervised by an M.D. or health professional. A certain amount of skepticism with ads and loose claims would be smart.

It would seem ill advised to make magnetic therapy your only form of treatment. When it comes to pain mitigation, we can completely sympathize with any approach that can reduce your suffering, short of something that might cause permanent damage.

When you see real miracles first-hand, which is entirely possible with exceptionally gifted faith healers, you will see magnets as a much more modest remedy. If you study the truly greats, not only Jesus of Nazareth in the Gospel accounts, but the life of Mary Baker Eddy, limbs were restored, eyes were healed, long-term conditions were relieved within seconds, minutes or hours. Documented evidence is available that Mrs. Eddy literally raised several people from the dead, although not someone who had been dead for four days.

In sum, healing with magnets is a welcome alternative to excessive reliance on pharmaceuticals, which typically have side effects and often very damaging implications with protracted use.

With Integrative medicine, lead by such M.D’s as Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Mimi Guarneri, medicine is finally breaking out of the bounds of traditional allopathic medicine. Dr. Guarneri reasons, why have a medicine bag with only a single tool, such as what she calls “the ill to the pill,” when you can have several dozen tools drawn from multiple traditions, including homeopathy, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine?

In this context, it makes perfect sense to find a place for magnetic therapy.

You can find more information in spiritual healing principles section.

And if you had success in healing with magnets, please share your story below. We’d love to hear it.​

how to meditate for beginners
Mar 15

How To Meditate Properly – Drunken Monkey Symptom

By Conscious Owl | Healing Meditation

There is no one right way to meditate ‘properly.’ There are many different ways to meditate in the world’s mystical traditions, as there are many different types of people. The best way to meditate is to do what works for you personally.

Meditation has to do with your ability to simply BE, whether walking, standing, sitting or lying down. It has to do with shifting your attention over from being the doer to the observer.

When you close your eyes, you will typically notice a steady flow of thoughts, as well as sounds all around you and feelings and sensations in your body. You may find, as Hindus and Buddhists have found over the centuries, that the mind is a “drunken monkey.” How then, can you stop your process, stop time, itself, and enter into the Eternal Now Moment, when you are totally present?

If you are meditating for healing, yourself, or someone you love, this becomes all the more challenging. If you have aching or pain in your body, or you are worried stiff in the face of a pending medical diagnosis, how can you Be Here Now in such a way as to meditate?

You start by making it as easy as possible for yourself. For most people, meditating while walking or standing opens up the possibility of a host of distractions. Sitting or lying down are much more feasible. However, lying down greatly increases the likelihood you will inadvertently go to sleep.

Lying down facing the sky is very effective for using the technique of progressive relaxation taught in yoga, where you systematically close your eyes and concentrate on every single muscle in the body, from your head down to your toes, tightening each muscle group, then relaxing it.​

how to meditate properly

Most practical is sitting down, either in a comfortable chair, ideally where you can put your feet out, or sitting cross-legged on the floor, in Lotus position if you are adept with yoga asanas, or postures. While the Zen tradition has students stare at a blank wall with eyes half open, most traditions have students close their eyes and begin focusing on their breath.

Zen, itself, can be performed by continuously counting your breaths from one to eight. The TMTM tradition begins with an initiation where you are given a special mantra based on the time and place of your birth. This mantra is a divine name thought to specially suit your life in this incarnation. You repeat the mantra with the instructor loudly, and then softer and softer, until finally it is simply a whisper, and you begin to subvocalize it.

Meditate Deeply

It has been found in extensive research that ANY sound, name or phrase can work. Dr. Howard Benson at Harvard had people in his studies simply repeat the sound “ONE,” in an attempt to induce what he called the “relaxation response.” He was attempting to generalize on the work of the Maharishi, who backed up his claims with extensive clinical research on the effectiveness of the TMTM technique.

The brain waves transform to deeper and deeper ones, such as Alpha, Gamma and Delta. They become highly coherent in the brain. Typically, the meditator is not asleep or dreaming, but in a place of concentrated alertness, which is referred in the Eastern traditions as superconsciousness, or the Fourth State.

It is most likely that a divine name, especially one associated with your own spiritual tradition or devotional practice, will be more powerful than simply repeating internally the word “ONE.” In conjunction with prayer, the name of a deity or divine being, whether it be Jesus, Mother Mary, Rama, Krishna or a Bodhisattva, such as Kuan Yin or Avalokiteshvara, will actually invoke, or call forth, that very being within you.

Some devotees will then visualize their Divine Master, or in rare cases, have an actual vision of Him or Her with their eyes open. For healing, this has profound implications. Jesus of Nazareth, for example, has an unexcelled healing record. It is thought and experientially felt by many, that when you feel His sacred presence, the healing process is initiated, in some cases, instantaneously. Often, in such experiences, you can feel an overwhelming sense of love where you practically melt in bliss.​

You can technically meditate “with seed” or “without seed” as yogis are fond of pointing out. “With seed” is using a mantra or verbal device of some sort that you can focus on. It can even be watching a flame while cross-legged for a few minutes, and then closing your eyes and seeing it burn in your imagination.

This practice, however, is problematical, due to the danger of unwittingly starting a fire. “Without seed” is an approach where you have no point of concentration. With closed eyes, you watch your thoughts, hear sounds and feel body sensations come and go wherever they will.​

For the purposes of getting well, you can visualize yourself in a gorgeous alpine field flooded with golden light, yourself radiant, bursting with energy and enthusiasm. You can silently repeat, “I am a whole, complete and perfect.” This can be enhanced by having your Divinity touch you and declare to you that you are whole, complete and perfect.

This is not so far fetched as you might first suppose. Christian Science and the New Thought Movement, along with metaphysical approaches worldwide, hold this to be true. The real YOU, beyond all appearances, IS whole, complete and perfect. This is held to be so despite any and all appearances, despite any adverse condition you may find yourself in.​

The amazing thing is that with deep conviction, people ARE actually healed, and the condition more or less disappears right before their very eyes. If you study the life of the founder of Christian Science, Mary Baker Eddy, you will find that she performed this in hundreds of cases, fully documented by written testimony. In some cases, limbs grew back, eyes could see and people were resuscitated from death.

Meditation is not something you do once or twice, and then forget about it. It is powerful only when done as a practice.​

How To Practice Daily Meditation

While you can meditate for any length of time—Zen students and advanced TMTM practitioners will meditate literally for hours—you will typically meditate for manageable amounts of time.

The Maharishi recommended for his initiates 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening twice a day.

Other techniques, including Centering Prayer in the Catholic tradition, have adopted this. It is probably a solid block of 15 minutes, where you need a couple minutes before to come into it, and a couple of minutes after to go out of it. What is remarkable is that students can actually experience profound relaxation with just 15 to 20 minutes when done as a habit.

What is most important is to keep in mind the essentials. You want to focus your attention on the present moment, especially your breathing. Closing your eyes, and therefore sitting or lying will minimize distractions. You may want to start each session with the yogic alternate closed nostril breathing, by progressively breathing in and out each nostril for four deep breaths, breathing with your belly as well as your lungs. This will most definitely put you in a conducive state for deep meditation.

Whatever comes up for you should not be a cause of undue concern. Just observe. Let thoughts, sounds, sensations and feelings drift right by you like light cirrus clouds through the sky. If you keep doing this, you may find an enlightening or revelatory experience like what the Japanese call Satori, a momentary pop where you experience complete unity with the entire universe, or even God.

Here is a visual meditation guidance for an additional clarity…​

You may then awaken, if only for a moment, to your larger Self, to Whom and What we call “God.” It is of the greatest significance that Jesus declares himself “I AM,” which is the core notion of the most sacred name in the Biblical tradition. “I AM the Bread of Life.” “I AM the Resurrection and the Life.” “I AM the Way, the Truth and the Life.” Given Jesus backed up these declarations with unprecedented miracles, we may suppose that pure being is the end game, and by being “I AM,” we become one with Him, with God... with our Supreme Being.

Personally, I was joking about it lightly… until… I started practicing it. Then, my brain got hooked. Every time I do it, my body get’s re-charged. So, no… spiritual healing meditation is not a joke! It calms, heals and brings me clarity.​