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Are Crop Circles for Real?

By Conscious Owl | Inner Peace

May 25
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You may have grown up with stories of flying saucers, starting with Spielberg’s timeless classic, Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Hundreds of stories have been documented since a UFO crashed in 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico.

These episodes have been witnessed by lone individuals, as well as entire groups of people. Prominent people, such as the U.S. Astronaut, Edgar Mitchell, who went all the way to the moon, have gone on record that UFO stories are not simply fabricated. In 1997, Fife Symington, Governor of Arizona, publically testified to a mass citing.

The problem is that the episodes typically occur for a few seconds or minutes, and then vanish. You can never go back and verify the actual incident for yourself. Enter crop circles, which began to attract public attention back in 1978, focused around Wiltshire, England, where we find the ancient monument of Stonehenge.

Now you can travel to these sites and see for yourself phenomena that defy imagination.

What Is So Special About Crop Circles?

Crop circles have been occurring with increasing frequency around the world in exotic formations with gorgeous fractal patterns. Each one is utterly unique, like a snowflake. Every year, the patterns become more and more compelling. They occur in various grain fields, such as wheat and corn, with perfect symmetry and high complexity.

Since crop circles are typically formed overnight, few people actually witness their occurrence. It boggles the mind that they could be created simply by natural forces, as they demonstrate mathematical precision. University professors have actually observed intricate algebraic expressions in them that only they can appreciate.

This phenomenon evokes profound emotions of awe and fascination in people of every descript. The circles often seem to be expressions of a supernatural power, perhaps angelic beings. Of course, the most intriguing explanation would be that they are the work of UFO’s employ an advanced technology, such as EMP, or electromagnetic pulses. Often people who visit fresh sites feel strange vibrations and their skin virtually glows.

Are Crop Circles the Work of a Global Art Collective?

Then, after a decade or so, a couple people in England stepped forth and claimed to have originated dozens of circles. They got interviewed, and the videos got posted on YouTube. They even demonstrated with ropes and boards how the whole process could be done. A website, www.circlemakers.org, is devoted to their cause.

Circle makers have suggested that they were intrigued by the claim that aliens had created the crop circles. They wanted to try the process, themselves, in the middle of the night in local wheat fields. They would come by the next day and amuse themselves with the puzzled reactions of the observers.

Apparently, these environmental artists got quite a kick out of this and proceeded over the years to create more and more circles. As the crop circles spread around the world, through Europe, Australia and New Zealand, as well as parts of Asia, these mischievous artists realized themselves to be part of an international movement.

As time went on, even commercial artists designed corporate logos in the field, even whole cars for promotional purposes. The idea grew stronger and stronger that ALL the crop circles were nothing more than elaborate hoaxes.

Are Crop Circles Created by UFO’s?

A close inspection of some of the more striking and elaborate circles undermines the idea that they were simply the work of a bunch of amateur artists. As these circles were formed, they left stunningly clean outlines with no footprints. The stalks were bent, not broken, and could continue to grow. Some observers maintain they would grow even faster than before.

A whole group of researchers emerged, some writing doctorates on the subject. They would travel around the world and study dozens of circles with the most painstaking detail. They found that there was no comparison between the authentic circles and the artistic imitations. They embraced alternative explanations.

Even more to the point, video footage has been shown with dancing lights in broad daylight in France with beautiful crop circles being formed in a matter of seconds, with the shadow of a flying saucer clearly visible. Obviously, this could have been the footage of an elaborate special effects studio. Yet it makes us wonder.

Are We Targets of a Disinformation Campaign?

Another possibility emerges that these are not the artifacts of aliens, but of our military with highly advanced technology being tested out in the research stage. The problem with this hypothesis is that crop circles are a global phenomenon. Would departments of defense waste taxpayers’ money simply to fool around with a bunch of farmers?

As circle makers came forward and claimed many of the crop circles as their own, the mass media honed in on them, and played their stories up, discrediting any and all supernatural explanations. If we realize that the mass media are owned by corporate conglomerates, and the politicians are charged with maintaining civil order, it becomes increasingly likely that they have colluded to deliberately misinform the public.

M. Knight Shyamalan’s film, Signs, which came out in 2002, features crop circles in a deeply unsettling way, suggesting that they are warning signals from aliens that are about to invade our planet. It is no accident that Shyamalan is a protégé of Steven Spielberg. No wonder the powers that be are concerned about a massive panic reaction among their constituencies!

What Is the Most Likely Scenario?

It seems most likely that the crop circles aren’t simply created by a pack of zany artists. The matchless eloquence of these circles speaks to the work of a higher force. The circles’ early association with UFO’s was immensely appealing, and entrepreneurial artists tried their hand at matching them.

crop circles aliens

The ever-increasing environmental degradation of Planet Earth since the 1970’s gave cause for concern among conscious human beings. It is conceivable that angels, or benevolent aliens, wanted to intervene by establishing communication with masses of people in a way that would be undeniable. Yet, at the same time, they wanted to avoid terrorizing the human community, such as projecting strange patterns onto TV sets around the world.

Some people will jump at any chance to show off. This was a novel opportunity for them to win notoriety, even though they couldn’t safely step forward and claim credit. At worst, they could be prosecuted or imprisoned; at best they would be frowned upon. We need only think of the early hackers who broke into corporate networks for something less than a lucrative payout in dollars and cents.

What Is the Deeper Meaning of Crop Circles?

If we step back, what is most marvelous about the emergence of crop circles is not so much how they were made, as what they actually do to people. We need only think of the Miracle of Fatima Portugal way back in 1913 when several children insisted that the Blessed Virgin, the Mother of God, appeared to them periodically in the sky. Hundreds witnessed the phenomenon, and it revived their Catholic faith as nothing else.

We thrive on mystery and begin to wither away when everything is tightly rational and explained away. The human spirit is reflected in the slogan of Star Trek, “To boldly go where no man has gone before.” People come to life, stop taking things for granted and developed a profound sense of gratitude that they are no longer alone in the Universe. Infinite Intelligence is with them.

The great mythologist, Joseph Campbell, urged us to live within the mystery. The recent discovery of dark matter and dark energy supports his injunction. Only 5% of the Universe is known. All the rest is either dark matter or dark energy. Humanity’s vaunted knowledge comes to little. We have only begun to explore the higher dimensions.

If you want to stay fully alive, go for the mystery!


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