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Akashic Records: Is There a Hidden Purpose For Everything?

By Conscious Owl | Inner Power

Nov 25
accessing akashic records

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,

Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Have you ever had a thought or idea arise out of the blue, which you had no idea where it came from? Think about the fact that everything that you have ever seen, heard, felt or thought, YOU have seen, heard, felt or thought.

How do you know that these experiences are not a part of you, that you are actually seeing, hearing, feeling and thinking yourself?​

In the Akashic Records, Nothing Is Ever Lost

Ancient Hindu thought, which goes back at least 5,000 years, and may well go back 30,000 years, postulated that everything that ever happens, both within us and without us, is permanently recorded.

This corresponds with Egyptian and Monotheistic ideas that everyone of us gets a life review upon departing this world, where every single detail is recorded and can be instantly invoked upon command. This also ties in with the Near Death Experience of many who see their entire lives flash by them in just a few seconds.​

Strangely enough, cutting-edge scientists, such as Dr. Erwin Laszlo of the Budapest Society, have developed a theory where the ancient Akashic records are a field of intelligence and information, which he terms the Akashic field, corresponding to the general field theory of Einstein.​

Here is Deepak Chopra’s explanation:​

This idea ties in with Dr. Rupert Sheldrake’s biological theory of morphic resonance, where the bodies of every living creature are surrounded by a sheath of conscious energy, and the form and structure of the body strictly arise in accordance with the pattern of that energy.

Dr. Sheldrake went on to explain how a dog owner could be many miles away from his pet, but Fifi knows instantly the exact moment her human companion decides to come home.​

The Universe, Itself, Is Conscious

New paradigm physics has incorporated the breakthrough insights of quantum theory to explain the observable world, recognizing that world is consciously aware of the observer, such that the observer can have a subject-to-subject relationship with the world that surrounds him or her.

You can talk to the plants and animals around you, such that they will hear you. I do it all the time. And as funny as it might seem, it works, because everyone and everything is energy. We just operate on different frequencies.

This goes against the old billiard ball theory of the universe, where everything can be easily explained as responses within a mechanism. God wound the universe up like a giant cuckoo clock, and then walked away before the cuckoo ever came out.

In that old prejudice, we are totally alone, no one cares, all is meaningless and nothing matters. We are the only intelligent creatures in the universe, which couldn’t care less.

It is illuminating to realize that the quantum physicists didn’t walk willingly into a mystical view of life and the universe. It was literally forced upon them as a way to explain the evidence in the laboratory.

The old paradigm way of viewing reality just didn’t fit the data. As this process continued, the physicists more and more fell in love with the perspectives of Hinduism and Buddhism, as did Dr. Fritjof Capra, who wrote The Tao of Physics.

The Universe Is IN Consciousness

More radical still is the realization that the universe, itself, is within consciousness, that without consciousness there would be no universe.

The entire universe is a construct of consciousness, a play of consciousness, the flow of consciousness. Dr. Peter Russell of Cambridge loves to deconstruct our every notion of what we regard as real until we are left within nothing but consciousness, itself. Many leading physicists of the past, including David Bohme with his “implicate” order, would thoroughly agree with him.

Another way of looking at this is that whatever object you look upon is interacting with you. Whatever you see is actually happening within your head. Yet, whatever happens in your head is actually within your consciousness. Without consciousness, you would know nothing and be nothing.​

akashic readings

How can you then say that life has no meaning or purpose, and you might as well jump off a cliff?

A universe that remembers every detail of everyone and everything within a vast data archive with 100 megapixel cameras and 3D audio certainly is doing so for a purpose, if only to re-enact its story.

Could it be that we are acting out a divine play?​

Akashic Field - We Are All IN the Mind of God

This brings us back to the Medieval theologian’s speculation that we are thoughts in the Mind of God. There is only God thinking these thoughts, giving life to these forms, creating male and female, and telling a wonderful love story just to amuse Himself.

Christian Science and the New Thought Movement, including Vedic thought would emphatically agree.

It is most interesting to study psychics, such as Edgar Cayce, who was a very simple man in daily life, who would go into trance states and do psychic downloads by the hour in intricate detail.​

He would come up with highly original ideas and interpretations that simply couldn’t be explained by his immediate life experience. Edgar was literally reading the Akashic records. Sometimes it seems he misread them. However, so many were read with uncanny accuracy as to disallow the possibility that this was all by chance.

There is a hidden purpose to everything - whether positive or negative.​

When we step back and look at the big picture, we are stunned. We are part of something much vaster than we could ever imagine. We see a gorgeous panorama in which our small self plays an indispensable part, serving a grand purpose.

When we see through the implications, we recognize that our Big Self, our only True Self, is Whom and What we call “God.”​

Recall an incident in your early childhood, perhaps when you were three or four. Only make sure it is a positive one. Ponder it for a few minutes. Realize that, however many years now separate you from that moment, it is still with you. As you grow older, you will remember it more and more clearly.​


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