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About Conscious Owl

When we (two of us - owls) first published and began promoting our book through multiple events and speaking engagements, we realized that there was a huge gap…

…a gap between advanced consciousness that is really out there and simplified application-based consciousness that could be put to great use by all of us daily.

We are here to bridge that gap!  We are challenging ourselves and our guest writers to simplify all concepts and filter information to its essence, as well as share it in the most applicable manner.

Conscious Owl is all about conscious living or experience and a trend-setting community… that’s primarily focused on inner power and inner peace.

Inner power mainly consists of our confidence, strength (to grow and build a brighter tomorrow), adaptability and flexibility.

Inner peace is our calmness, trust (in the process), balance, clarity and flow… doesn’t matter what life throws at you.

In other words, we cover everything from natural and spiritual healing to eating, doing, being and leading.

Join the conversation, participate and contribute.

Get wiser, be inspired and transform your experience of this world.