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12 Spiritual Healing Principles That Will Shake Your World

spiritual healing definition

Speaking of principles, spiritual healing is the underpinning of, not only traditional and alternative forms of healing, but also conventional Western allopathic medicine. By spiritual, we mean inner or nonphysical means of healing. There is another order of being that underlies our consensual reality, which is primary. We usually call it “God,” and leave at that. However, it is becoming increasingly apparent that this is the real YOU. Pharmaceutical and surgical intervention, in itself, doesn’t actually heal you; rather, it facilitates natural healing, or healing from the life force, which, for many, is directly connected with our Source, with Higher Power and Infinite Intelligence.

Contrary to common opinion, many, if not most, American doctors actually believe in God or a Higher Power, and often pray for their patients. The spiritual dimension is increasingly recognized in clinics and hospitals, as reflected by prayer chapels, by many patients asking their attending physicians to pray for them, and by many physicians themselves asking their patients what is their religious, spiritual or philosophic orientation. Some hospitals actually include that kind of information in their records, so they can more effectively work with their clients in the healing process.​

Oh, and sometimes, we even get to see people who healed stage-4 breast cancer with alternative therapies… Take a closer look below:​

All of this is intensified by the success of traditional world healing approaches and therapies in entering medical research and even mainstream healthcare, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Chiropractic. In many cases, insurance companies are actually covering these approaches, as well as psychotherapy. In particular, acupuncture, healing touch and massage are recognized, along with various forms of yoga and Qi Gong.

Primary Principles of Spiritual Healing

Twelve primary principles shed light on a whole new approach to healthcare, which complements conventional medicine.

1.  All things are possible.  We have already gone to the moon. The Pope has already spoken to a joint session of the U.S. Congress. The human genome has already been decoded. Quantum physics is called the physics of possibility. It has revealed that there is nothing truly “out there” apart from probability clouds. Throughout history, we find accounts of people being raised from the dead, but we lacked the framework to grasp how this is not merely superstition. If the world is our individual and collective dream or construct, then nothing is there to stop us from accomplishing the apparently impossible.

2.  Time and space are no barrier.  Quantum physics has established the theory of nonlocality and actually experimentally demonstrated it. Two originally paired particles separated across the universe will still maintain their spin, no matter what. Dr. Larry Dossey has shown with repeated studies how prayer can heal, not only people, but animals and plants. PSI studies have established that psychic phenomenon don’t dwindle at great distances. Einstein envisioned time and space as a single fabric, which he called space-time. Recent particle physics experiments have revealed time reversal symmetry, how particles can actually go backward in time.

3.  Simple - God loves you.  The New Testament declares that God IS love, and the Gospel accounts repeat the notion that Christ died for everyone without exception. If there is a God, and God loves us, then that love is infinite and absolute, just like the sun shining on everyone, as Jesus of Nazareth reminded his disciples. The entire Abrahamic tradition, which encompasses more than half the people on earth living today and includes Judaism, Christianity and Islam, is premised upon the notion that God responds to those who call upon him and actively intervenes in human affairs. This God need not be an old white man in the sky with a gnarly beard, but our only True and Ultimate Self, Higher Power and Infinite Intelligence.

4.  You are whole, complete and perfect.  In the Genesis account, humanity is created divine and Adam is called the Son of God. It metaphorically describes God breathing into Adam the breath of life, such that Adam became a living soul. In this perspective, Christ went to the cross not to save a bunch of miserable, filthy worms, but because we were infinitely precious in His eyes, divine beings who have forgotten Who we truly are. The Hindu tradition is even more emphatic about this, in that your inner Self, the Atman, is one with Brahman, the infinite expanse of the Creator. As Dr. Deepak Chopra suggests in his classic, How to Know God, our divinity is actually hardwired in our brains and nervous systems.

5.  You are a spiritual being having a physical experience.  The Catholic theologian and paleontologist, Teilhard de Chardin, saw evolution as a process of revelation where God literally becomes the Universe. The I AM within each of us is pure spirit. This I AM is Light, Life and Love in the New Testament and Being, Conscious and Bliss in the Vedic tradition. In this perspective, the real YOU creates your body and your world. We are each stars in our own celestial movie. We are the camera, the cast, the projector, the screen and the audience. And, as Neale Donald Walsch of Conversations with God reminds us, there is only ONE of us.      

6.  Your body wants to heal itself.  Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as alternative therapies today recognize the body’s self-healing tendencies and suggest to us that sickness and disease are an expression of systemic imbalances, which can be realigned. Dr. Andrew Weil pointed to studies that showed how rivers that had been hopelessly polluted became clean again several decades after they were left alone. Even the most skeptical doctors who deny miracles refer to spontaneous remissions, where the cancerous condition is gone against all odds. 

7.  As within, so without.  The alchemical tradition of ancient Greece and the late Middle Ages worked with this Hermetic notion. Everything external reflects that which is internal, that the world is really your extended body. To heal the body, heal the mind, correct your thoughts. Contemporary neurophysiology suggests that all we see as “out there” is actually in our nervous system. The great Western philosopher, Immanuel Kant, maintained that we can never know “the thing in itself.” What is the point of medicine only looking to external factors?

8.  Matter is energy, and both arise out of consciousness.  Albert Einstein suggested this with his famous E = MC2 equation. The explosion of the first atomic bomb demonstrated this once and for all. The subsequent development of quantum physics incorporated as a basic premise that there is no particle unless you observe it, that that which is observed requires an observer. The ultimate YOU is observer, the observed and the process of observation. You are both all of these and none of these, since you are “beyond the beyond.” The foundation of the Universe is Pure Consciousness.

9.  Sacred Presence heals.  Eckhart Tolle has, with The Power of Now engaged a new generation in being present to find inner peace. The eternal now moment is where you find everything worthwhile, including love, joy and peace. When you stop time, you will find that you are already in eternity, and then everything is sacred. Ken Wilbur, in Integral Spirituality, showed how God can be felt as That, Presence itself. When we sense that Presence, we touch the divine.

10.  Gratitude works. The best-selling book and movie,  The Secret, suggested that the most fundamental prerequisite in the law of attraction was simply, “Thanks.” Thanks for the miracle of life. Thanks for having your prayer answered even before you pray it. In the narration of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead, He publicly thanks his Father in heaven for hearing him, and then commands the enshrouded corpse to come forth from the tomb. The implication is that gratitude has resurrecting power, that is can accomplish anything. In “The Secret,” one of those interviewed completely eliminated a diagnosis of cancer within several weeks by simply repeating all day long, “Thank you for healing me!”

Invisible Healing Energy

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11.  Yes, forgiveness works.

In the Beatitudes, Jesus of Nazareth enjoins His disciples to forgive their enemies. At one point, the leading apostle is upset and asks Christ that if a brother offends him seven times in one day, he can go ahead and smack that man. Jesus’ response was, “Not seven times seventy.” The whole point of the cross is everlasting forgiveness, that all our apparent “sins,” (shortcomings, failures, waste of potential--past, present and future) are forever forgiven.

God is not in the judgment game; it is we humans who are quick to condemn. The noteworthy Catherine Ponder, Unity Minister, repeatedly mentioned that helping people forgive those who have deeply offended them often led to healing conditions like cancer.

12.  No man (or woman) is an island.  We all live in community wherever we go. This community comprises, not only fellow humans, but also plants and animals, the very Universe we inhabit, which in turn, inhabits us. That man or woman you are gazing at across the aisle IS you. The Buddhists and Hindus have a notion of Indra’s Net, like a string of pearls where every pearl reflects every other pearl in an infinite array. Each of us is a reflection of one another. Requesting prayer from another is not a sign of folly, but of wisdom. It is not a sing of weakness, but of strength. Prayer, as opposed to meditation, has an active element; it implies a relationship, a relationship with the world, other people and God. The doctrine of the Trinity, found in both Christianity and Hinduism, suggests that even within God is relationship, that the ultimate truth is INTERBEING, you in me, and I in you.

In sum, we are divine, and we, as one with God, are love. Hardened surgeons have publicly testified to the power of love in saving people’s lives and bringing them back to full health. Since health, whole and holy are all etymologically related in English, it should be acknowledged that the aim of public health should go far beyond the elimination of disease, to establishing a profound sense of well being, that all is well with life, with the world and with God.